logoFrom the burrows at the back of the University, we languished and pushed through three years of study and assessment. We endured all-nighters, waves of creative block, sneaky deadlines and ridiculous levels of procrastination. We wondered aimlessly around art stores looking for the perfect paint or stood flustered at the Officeworks counter, wondering whether it was all worth it.

But those three years have passed, and we’re still in the game with assets to show. We’ve honed our skills and cut our teeth. We practiced our passions, and pushed ourselves to new places. We got our hands dirty and decided we liked it that way.

We had the guidance of the fantastic staff at the Faculty, who showed us how to forge new ideas, challenge ourselves, and most importantly, think for ourselves. We had our peers for support and consolation, for advice and insight, and most importantly, for beers and inappropriate dancing.

What you’re holding is what we’ve got to show for those years. This book showcases our lessons and skills. It shows how our interests become our expertise. It shows how sharp we can look for the world.

We are the graduating class of 2013!