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Art for me is a practical space for dealing with emotions. The main subject of my work is the representation of women. The subconscious messages I receive from images of women mainly state to me that in order to receive appreciation, worth and acceptance I must be physically ‘appealing’ according to a standard manufactured by a highly processed media world. Measuring ourselves against these images places unnecessary stress and anxiety on us to meet a standard of beauty which is unattainable. In the end women often find themselves competing against one another for attention through their outward appearance in order to feel a sense of worth. For me this can only inevitably lead to pride or despair.

It is only now I am attempting to filter through all these images, which have over the years trained me to seek value in ways that will never truly fulfil my sense of worth. Exploring my own insecurities as a woman, in attempt to mend them, will hopefully be an example that inspires other women to do the same.