Many people have assisted the production of the Look Sharp Graduate Exhibition in a wild variety of ways. All deserve recognition for their good deeds. Contributions of time, energy, and money have made this catalogue possible, and no doubt we would have crashed and burned had they not been involved.

A massive thank you to Hannah Gee for being our fantastic Exhibition coordinator, constantly rallying the troops and convincing us that this is something serious and that we should actually care about it. And for making that pig thing.

Jess Nesbitt, Meredith Cahill and Chelsea Cook, who helped with the photography for this catalogue, and did a fantastic job of making us look far sexier than we are in real life.

Misty-Lee Talbot and Jordan Wawrzyniak, our awesome tag team selling baked goods to bring in those extra dollars, and for giving us all a good feed.

Misty-Lee Talbot and Emanuela Cupac for curating and organising the Nude Auction, which was not only a massive help to our funding, but fun and a good excuse to look at naked people in a public space.

To our lecturers in the School of Creative Arts we give a big thank you. Your moral support and ever-present wisdom will bouy us for many years to come. A particular thank you to Jo Stirling for her work on this catalogue, invitations, and signage.

And whoever bought a baked good from us at our fundrasing sales. There will be a special place for you in heaven!


The Graduate Exhibition Coordinating Committee

Hannah Gee, Leon Shore, Kai Forsyth, Michael Klose, Joel Tonks, Misty-Lee Talbot, Susan Fagan

Branding and Identity

Leon Shore

Publication Design

Michael Klose

Website Design

Kai Forsyth, Leon Shore

Graduation Show Coordinator

Hannah Gee

Support Crew & Editing

Sarah Miller, Jo Stirling, Madeleine Kelly, Angelina Marcon-Jones