Dean-ProfileGraduates of 2013, congratulations! You’ve achieved a lot, and this exhibition is the demonstration of all the work that’s gone into your studies over the years. Your creative and design practices have evolved, you have engaged with the complex worlds of history, theory and conceptual development that underpin all great innovation and professionalism, and now you’re ready to look sharp.

Looking sharp… whether you’re at the ‘pointy end’ or the ‘cutting edge’ – have the most original presentation in town – you’ll need to be prepared for whatever the challenge is and then take action in the direction you choose. We hope that’s what your training has showed you, we know that you are up for it!

I commend each and everyone of you for your commitment and dedication. Three years of studying Creative Arts at UOW places you in a long tradition of graduating students who have taken on the world and are helping to shape how it looks, how we understand it, how we think about it’s futures. Family and friends have gone on the journey too, and they’ll stay with you on the next stages. Travel far and wide, work hard, make the most of each moment – and don’t forget us on the way!

All the very best,
Professor Amanda Lawson
Dean: Law, Humanities and the Arts